Lanzi by the moat

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The old city of Xi'an is protected by a surrounding city wall.

The city walls are surrounded by a moat.

On both sides of the moat is a park around the city.

In hot summer, the sun rises at 5:30 in the morning.

There are not many people by the moat in the early morning, most of them are old people who come to do morning exercises.

The women gathered together, played music, followed the rhythm, and danced square dances. Men wield paper dragons or loud whips (a Chinese exercise machine). More people are jogging in the morning.

In addition to everyday casual clothes, I also brought a cheongsam to shoot by the moat.

I learned a dance and practiced it on the square of the moat.

By 9 am, the sun was already very hot, and I went home.

On the way home, I will go to the famous snack street to eat some special food.

This is my story, and this is my life.

Hope you like it.

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Lanzi by the moat

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