Alisa:Sak girl Prepares for Christmas.

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Alisa said:

Hi I am Alisa. This is my lastest video. Are you looking forward to it?

It’s a great weekend which I can wake up naturally. The temperature here is dropping , and my stumps are cold when I wake up in the morning. Lean against the windowsill. Relax my eyes and massage the stump to return it to its warmest state. The body is activated and ready to make breakfast for the family.

After my amputation, my family rarely asked me to do housework, but I still wanted to do something within my ability to make myself feel needed. Usually our breakfast s are noodles, so I'm going to make a chicken noodle soup for my family. Please come and see if it's delicious .

Would you like breakfast like that ?

It’s the last month of 2023, and I’m going to prepare gifts and clothes for Christmas and New Year!

This is her story, her life.

Hope you like it.

Thanks again for your help and support.

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Alisa:Sak girl Prepares for Christmas.

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I want this!